Banish Shaving Bumps!

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Shaving Techniques 

The average man will shave approximately 20,000 times in his lifetime which leaves alot of opportunity for something to go wrong whether that be an occasional nick, to redness, ingrown hairs, irritation, discoloration and scarring.  Shaving problems tend to be more common in men with curly hair so what better way to end our celebration  black history month i n Chicago  than with a  few tips from Dr Brooke Jackson, Medical Director of Skin Wellness Center of Chicago to help you with a smoother shave.

  1. Pre-treat your skin: use a baby’s toothbrush to dislodge those ingrowns. Brush in small cirlces for 5 minutes 2-3 times per week.
  2. Hydrate your beard hairs prior to shaving. This can be done by shaving after a warm , steamy shower (which can dry out your skin during chicago winters– see previous blog on help for winter skin) or by placing a warm towel on your face for 5 minutes prior to shaving, just like they do at the barber shop.
  3. Lather up: use a non irritation, moisturizing shave cream. Dr Jackson often reccommends Shea moisture shave ($10 at Target). Using a shaving brush to apply can also help to dislodge those curly hairs that want to re-enter the skin causing bumps
  4. Try a multihead blade (Mach 3 or 5). Shave WITH the grain
  5. Rinse your blade often
  6. soothe your skin post shave. No need to apply alcohol. try a lotion or balm with a bit of tea tree oil or glycolic.

If bumps persist, it might be time to see a dermatologist. Chicago Dermatologist, Dr Brooke Jackson often combines some prescription medications with chemical peels and/or laser hair removal which can make a tremendous difference.  Dr Jackson says” Some of our happiest patients are laser hair removal patients who have stuggled with shaving for years. Often after a few treatments in our office, their skin is much smoother, texture and discoloration have improved as well”

Dr Jackson was recently featured on WGN news in Chicago discussing shaving techniques. Click the link below to view Dr Jackson’s interview,0,3156949.story

Visit WGN at

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